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The owner of Archer Inspections Ltd. has been involved with condominium ownership and operation since 1995. Owning, managing, being on boards, including stints as president, and buying and selling gives us a personal experience point of view. Put our years of condo experience to work for you today

Buying a condo is a great home ownership option! It affords you convenience and time savings by having the landscaping and snow shoveling done for you. Thousands of Calgarians opt for this shared ownership model. Whether as a first time home buyer or as a mature home owner down-sizing, the condominium option can be a good choice.

Part of what makes condo living affordable and conducive is the delegation of property management to a third party that carefully plans, maintains and balances the overall well-being of the ownership group. Owners should also consider the reality of communal living, where not all aspects of ownership will be under your control. The Board, as an elected body makes decisions for the greater good. You may not always agree with those decisions. We strongly encourage condo buyers to volunteer as a board member for at least one term to better understand  the governance framework within which a condo board operates.

Successful management firms are very strong with budgeting, pro active maintenance, document management and accounting. How well a condo is run influences unit prices and provides indicators of mandatory out of pocket investment that may be required after purchase. A proactive Board will work with their management company to maintain the property, enforce rules and regulations and ensure the building(s) and property are viable for the long term protection of everyone's living spaces and investment.

Our team of analysts carefully audit, benchmark and evaluate the condo’s documents and tease out the story. This process creates a current snapshot of the situation and offers indicators of future trends.

Our goal is to avoid surprise capital contributions post purchase that could leave owners financially compromised. We do not make buy or not buy recommendations, but condense the many documents into a comprehensive, coherent written report you can discuss with your real estate professional and/or lender. We offer in-person or telephone consultations at no extra charge. Combine Condo Document Review & Home Inspection - Save $100.

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Our analysis of the documents and consultation provide you with a clearly defined, easily understood written report that will answer these questions:

  • Is the property well maintained?
  • What type of foreseeable capital contributions are on the horizon?
  • Does the group have a healthy reserve fund and are funds being satisfactorily allotted?
  • Secure piece of mind by supercharging your purchase decision with an Archer CDR.

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